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القائمة الرئيسية


I’m a Moroccan and there are many things that I love about my homecountry, to a certain extent sometimes. But I’m going to be spontaneous and recall some random facts which make me love my country.
  • The weather: yes you can find the sunshine almost during all year and almost everywhere across the country (except for some few regions with harsh winters) so vitamine D for the win !
  • Food: the food is rather cheap if you are able to cook by yourself, and the essentials (bread, sugar, oil, tea…) are affordable. The moroccan cuisine is delicious wether yo crave salty or sweet dishes. Not to mention the infamous moroccan mint tea. People tend to invite each other for lunches back at home or outside in restaurants/snacks. Wherever you feel hungry, you can always find an affordable snack where to grab a bite.