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Moroccan cooking

How to prepare a tajin with meat and vegetables How to prepare a Moroccan tajine How to prepare a Moroccan tajine Ingredients: 1 Moroccan tajini 2 Moroccan meat tangerine with dates 2.1 Ingredients 2.2 Method of Preparation 3 Moroccan Chicken Casserole 3.1 Ingredients 3.2 Method of Preparation Moroccan Casserole is a popular dish of Moroccan cuisine. It is served in special occasions and occasions. It is usually cooked in a pot of pottery, which preserves the nutrients found in the ingredients of this. The tasty dish, the most important of which is meat or chicken And some types of vegetables, and we will remember our article in this two ways distinct cooking Moroccan Tagine. Casserole Moroccan meat with dates Ingredients: 4 tablespoons vegetable oil. Half a kilogram of lamb meat cut into medium-sized squares. Two pieces of finely chopped onion. Two pieces of finely chopped garlic. Half a teaspoon of ginger

. Half a tablespoon of ground cinnamon, the problem spices. 1/4 teaspoon of saffron. Three hundred milliliters of meat broth. One hundred grams of dates cut off the kernel and cut into large slices. Half a tablespoon of lemon peel peel lemon. Four teaspoons of lemon juice. Two tablespoons of honey. Tablespoon of tomato paste. Four teaspoons of roasted pine. Xxx is ready for submission, as desired

How to prepare 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a pot, put it on the fire, and then transfer the pieces of meat to change the color from all sides. Pour the pieces of meat into the tinder, and set them aside. We put two teaspoons of vegetable oil in the same pot and put it on the fire, then add onion, turn it until it becomes golden color and withers. Place the garlic, ginger, cinnamon, saffron and saffron on top of the onions, then stir the ingredients until the smell comes out, then add the meat broth to it. Sprinkle the mixture of spices over the meat pieces. Cover the tinder, then put it in the hot oven at 200 ° C and 10 ° C for 1.5 hours. Place dates, lemon peel, tomato paste, lemon juice and honey over the meat mix. We enter the oven again for twenty minutes. Place the couscous in the serving dish, then pour the meat over it, sprinkle it with the roasted pine, and place it on our table. Moroccan chicken casserole A chicken with a kilogram of skin cut into eight pieces. One hundred and fifty grams, or a medium grain of carrots cut into thick circular slices. Seventy-five grams, or half a cup of green olive loose kernel. Three quarters of a tablespoon of ground ginger. A pinch of white pepper. 2 tablespoons vegetable oil. Ten small slices of onions. Four teaspoons finely chopped parsley. Four teaspoons finely chopped coriander leaves. One hundred and fifty grams, or a medium-sized tomato peel and cut into medium-sized cubes. Oudines of cinnamon. A quarter teaspoon of saffron. Seven hundred and fifty milliliters, or three cups of water. Two cubes of chicken broth Magi. Method of Preparation: Pour the olive oil in a large pot over the fire, and then pour the onions in the oil until golden. Place the chicken pieces over the onions, and pour them on the fire for five minutes. Add the white pepper, ground ginger, chopped coriander, chopped parsley, tomatoes and cinnamon sticks over the chicken mixture, move the ingredients a little, and then leave them over medium heat for 5 minutes. Add saffron, MAGGI® chicken broth, water over chicken mix, then leave to simmer for a quarter of an hour. Place the carrots over the chicken mixture, and then mix again for 20 minutes or until the ingredients are cooked. Sprinkle the chicken tajine in the serving dish, sprinkle it with green olives, and serve it hot on our table. Note:
Water can be added to the feeder if needed.


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