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القائمة الرئيسية


The city of Fez

The city of Fez dates back to the late 8th century AD during the arrival of Moulay Idris I to the Moroccan lands in 789 AD The first appearance of Fez was built in the Andalusian region near the right section of the valley of Fez. In 808 a new city was established during the reign of Idris II in the district of Cyrene Near the left section of the Fez Valley.

The city of Fez has developed economically and economically because of its presence within the fertile plains of Sais and the presence of many resources in its territory such as stones, wood, mud and salts.

 Fez also has an important and strategic location which is a trade center between the West and the East. , The most important of which are Andalusians and Queerians. Founded by Fatima al-Fahri in 857 AD Mosque of the villagers within the left section of the Valley of Fez, and then expanded the mosque of the villagers in the era of Yusuf bin Tashvin after the control of the city of Fez in 1069,
  and also keen to unite the left and right sections within a single wall, Fez City; by building mills and hotels. The ancient city of Marrakech