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القائمة الرئيسية


                                             the mountainToubkal morocco

With an altitude of 4,167 meters from the sea, Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and in North Africa, and the second highest mountain in Africa.

This summit is located in the south of Morocco in the Toubkal National Park, 63 km from Marrakech. All or some of them can be climbed at the village of Imlil which is at its foot and has a winding street.

At the foot of the summit and at the National Park lies the  Toubkal. It is like an environmental hotel that welcomes visitors to sleep and spend their days in the mountain and park area, and is well known for being fully adapted to nature. Toubkal has won many international awards in this field.

The fresh, clean air makes you feel like you are moving to another world entirely, the moment the car arrives at the outskirts of the Kasbah. Feeling "Hai" is delicious and delicious.

There are guides who accompany climbers who wish to climb up the summit, and mules carrying the necessary equipment, as access to the summit may take 3-4 days. All these arrangements are made by the Kasbah administration itself.

It is hard for a tourist in Morocco to believe that he is in an African-Mediterranean country, breathing cold air in this region and at its summit. A strange, beautiful and refreshing feeling that completely distances you from the traditional tourist path and puts you along with the finest mountain climbers in the world