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After the reluctance ... a new face of economic housing in Morocco

Economic housing in Morocco is one of the solutions proposed by the government in order to provide housing for low income families and young people who aspire to independence. Economic housing is considered a social housing. There must be many elements set by the state,  The area of ​​the apartments is 50 meters, not more than 80 meters, and the price of the apartment is set at 250 thousand dirhams, without VAT, as the state helps the citizens by paying 40 thousand dirhams to the investor so that the total value of the economic housing apartments 290  Thousand dirhams.

 In addition, the state sets many conditions for the purchasers, where the buyer must live in the property for at least four years before selling it or offering it for rent. Otherwise, the state requires the owner to pay the amount that contributed to it at the first glance  Which is set at 40 thousand dirhams.

 Demand for housing slows ...

 In this context new cities were built near the major cities of Morocco, such as Casablanca, which provided close to the area of ​​Boskoura, Dar Bouazza, Harawin and nearby Znata area, Marrakech was built near the city of Tamnesort, which was built many economic housing projects and the creation of roads  Social and health facilities, etc., in the same way, Tamsna, near Rabat and Ibn Battuta in Tangier.

 The projects have been built and there has been a great demand from buyers, but the bad thing is the reactions of buyers after looking at the economic housing projects there, where many complained, if not transferred most of the low quality of social and economic projects that aspire to be the tomb of life for them,  But what they found there was completely contrary to what appears in the publicity, because of this the demand for housing economic decline in recent times, as the citizens lost confidence in these projects, and chose some of the solution to buy apartments in the heart of the city instead of economic projects worn out and out of range  Urban Extension  Which led to the heart of the equation of supply and demand, after the demand for economic housing projects large.  Today, the number of new apartments has fallen to nearly 135,000 out of a total of 294,000 previously planned. The number of new housing seekers is estimated at 180,000 a year, down from 270,000 last year,  Has led Moroccan property companies to suffer many losses.

 Alternative solutions to restore buyers' confidence ..

 Many real estate companies in Morocco have chosen new solutions to restore confidence to future buyers. The latter offers economic housing projects with new features and luxurious features. Perhaps the most recent projects are those offered by the happiness spaces, which decided to offer economic apartments with a new approach.  The "Duplex" apartments, which usually belong to high-rise housing, differ from the economic housing units, either in terms of area or price. However, the company has defied itself by providing luxury apartments in economic housing, in order to motivate the buyers by providing  New advantages, while b  Z other investors, chose to provide apartments available on elevators and swimming pools Botmnh economic housing in areas adjacent to the city, all this in order to challenge the sluggish real estate market movement and rigidity of demand.

 Dupilix apartments provided by the real estate company Al Saada in the cities of Casablanca, Marrakech, Skhirat Beni Mellal, Agadir and Martel. These projects attracted the interest of Moroccans and low income people on the basis.  The area of ​​†<†<the apartments without exceeding the permitted area in the economic housing class, which sets between 50 square meters and 80 square meters, while respecting the other conditions provided, such as the provision of services, a mosque and a tree for each apartment.

 The closed accommodation that has a swimming pool and elevator, is another solution to attract the largest number of buyers, and knew the idea of ​​great response from the citizens, so that some chose it as a secondary residential summer, because the projects that were built in the capital Casablanca and contains these  The specifications, built in the Dar Bouazza and Sidi Rahal area, mean outside the urban range of white, but located near the shore.  On the other hand, these projects have a security guard, swimming pools for children and adults, with sports courts and well equipped apartments.  All this at the price of economic housing and within the conditions set by the state.

 In the end, economic or social housing remains the only way for low-income families to acquire the "Tomb of Life" as they call it. Despite the decline in demand for apartments, it is inevitable, especially in Morocco and in major cities  Especially that it is witnessing a great rise, which means that the provision of housing projects economic as previously mentioned, is a positive step in the right of citizens, until they limit real estate investors in the manner that the real estate companies mentioned in the article.

 If you would like to know all the offers of economic accommodation in Morocco, just look at, which offers all real estate projects from north to south of Morocco.

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