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The beauty and splendor of architecture and Moroccan Zellij

 The beauty and splendor of architecture and Moroccan Zellij

The beauty and splendor of architecture and Moroccan Zellij

 Authentic Moorish Moroccan decorations, rivaling the decorations of international architecture and delicate inscriptions that give a view of great magnificence and beauty, and this is an architecture of love for every tourist visiting the Kingdom

 The Moroccan architecture is distinguished by its beautiful architecture, which made it a special destination for tourists of all nationalities, and visitors interested in historical monuments and monuments relate to this parameter, which expresses Moroccan culture.

 Moroccan architecture is one of the ancient traditional Islamic arts, which had and still has the most prominent impact on many urban innovations from hundreds of years ago to our present time, and it is proud of all the colors of creativity, art and innovation.

  Carved wooden ceilings Carved wood is widely used in the Moroccan style and is clearly evident, whether in furniture, wooden ceilings or doors

 The art of engraving on gypsum in Morocco is one of the ancient arts, but its emergence is more as an art that aims to beautify and add beauty to architecture.

 Ornamentation and inscriptions The title of Moroccan decoration and creativity endlessly. Carved wood and gypsum units are frequently used in the Moroccan style. Gypsum is used in the capitals of columns, arches, openings, or in the form of belts in the middle or top of walls, or in fountains and others. Fountains are used in central places, and mirrors are used frequently.  It is replete with wonderful carvings, and the Moroccan decor is characterized by the presence of zellige on the walls and floors, and very delicate inscriptions, especially the wooden ones on the ceiling, and they give a very beautiful and magnificent view.

 Mosaic or the so-called Moroccan municipal glaze is a decoration for all homes. Mosaic is no longer limited to walls and columns. Rather, the Moroccan manufacturer employs it a lot in the decoration of the house, or even the entrance, and it is not possible for a refined Moroccan house to be devoid of this mosaic in the fountains or as a decoration that matches the decor of the house as a whole,  Today, we can even acquire innovative chairs and plates made of mosaic pieces in innovative colors.

 Moroccan mosaic across the authentic world competes with all architectural decorations and is known by a great demand from many Arab countries, the most important of which are: Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Tunisia.  The reception fountains are also spread at the entrances of the old Moroccan houses.

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