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القائمة الرئيسية


I loved to offer you my friends a list of 3 mountain peaks is the highest in Morocco. I will definitely appeal to you.

Mount Toubkal

Is the highest peak in Morocco and is considered a tourist destination with distinction. The mountain is located 63 km from the red city of Marrakech. His high-class crew sits on the throne of African mountains with a 4,167-meter walk.

2 - Mount and Anoukrim

Mount Wannakrim is located in the Great Atlas Mountains, in the southwest of Mount Toubkal. With two peaks separated by a foothill. There is the Timisgida peak at 4,089 meters high and a 4083-meter peak called Ras Nwanokrim.

3 - Mount "Egil Meghon"

"Egil Meghoun" is the third highest peak in Morocco, located in the central part of the Great Atlas. And the length of the cloud rises at a height of 4071 meters.



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