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Study: Keeping children away from the father makes them sick and depress

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 A recent study found that children suffer healthily when they are away from the father after the separation of the parents, and it may even lead to their depression.

 The study, conducted by the Norwegian University of Bergen and published its results, "The Scandinavian Journal of Public Health," showed that children's health is affected negatively if the method of dealing with the father worsened after the divorce.

 Evend Milland, one of the scientists involved in the study, told the German News Agency (dpa) that it is possible that the child suffers from fear, depression, emotional problems, or stress.

 The scientists who conducted this study confirmed that there is a correlation between contact with the father and child health.

 Most of the health complaints suffered by the children who said that they had lost contact with their father or had difficulty talking to him after the divorce, ”Milland told dpa.

 The Norwegian scientist added that many girls in particular had difficulty talking to their father after the divorce, while it appeared that the divorce could not affect communication with the mother.

 The study included 1,225 teenage teens, who were examined over two years (2011-2013), and the number of young people from families in which the father separated from the mother was 213 young men at the beginning of the study, then it reached 270 young men at the end of the period of its conduct.

 Milland called not to underestimate the importance of the father's role in the development and growth of the child. He said: "Our research clearly revealed that a close relationship between the child and the parents is necessary for children's health.