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Some recipes for acne and its effects

Some recipes for acne and its effects

  A mixture consisting of:
  6 tablespoons of honey + 1 tablespoon of glycerin + 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  Spread the face and skin stained with this mixture for an hour and then removed and washed with water

  Lettuce and milk mask for acne

  Take 10 green lettuce leaves and add a cup of low-fat milk, then boil lettuce and milk on low heat for a few minutes. Lettuce leaves are taken and put on the face as compresses for 20 - 30 minutes, taking into account sleeping on the back, then the compresses are removed and washed.

  Cucumber mask and parsley

  Cucumber, parsley and honey are mixed in equal parts and applied to the face 1 to 2 times a day

  And cured, God willing

  Some advice for acne sufferers

  There are many things that can reduce the chance of acne

  1. Reducing the consumption of some fatty foods, such as french fries, pizza, or chocolate, and eating more vegetables and fruits.

  2. Washing the face twice a day with soap and warm water helps to keep the pores of the skin open, which are follicle nozzles.

  3. Not to rub the blisters aggressively or put pressure on them and tamper with them

  4. For women, make sure that the make-up they use is fat-free

  5. Good makeup removal

  6. When using any hair sprays, be sure to stay away from the face while using them, because these sprays may clog pores. If you have long hair that touches your face, be sure to wash it adequately and frequently with water and shampoo.

  7. Not to use more than one type of cream and moisturizer at one time because this causes dry skin and has a very bad look and make sure that it is natural and does not cause allergies by trying a small part of it before using it