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 Why do corona infections increase in obese people

Why do corona infections increase in obese people

 In the recovery departments of Paris, London or New York, the question is constantly asked: Why does Covid-19 seem to target the segment of obese men more than others?  But without clear answers so far.

 "All the recovery departments in France notice a very large percentage of patients who are overweight or obese," said Dr. Matthew Schmidt at the Pettier-Salpetriere hospital in Paris.

 In parallel, "three and four of our patients are men," as explained by the doctor in the resuscitation department in response to questions from France's France 2 public station.

 The same result was reached by surgeon Dr. Hani Sbitany of the Mount Sinai Health Institute in New York who said "I am in the emergency department and this is remarkable: I can say that 80% of the patients who entered were men," as reported by the "New York Times".

 In London, Professor Derek Hill of University College also notes that "more men than women" are at risk of serious forms of illness caused by the emerging coronavirus and that "patients who are overweight or have health problems are most at risk".

 And confirmed British statistics on Covid-19 patients who are treated in intensive care, this phenomenon, noting that 73% are men and 73.4% are obese or overweight.

 This census was conducted on April 3 by the independent institute of "the National Intensive Care Audit Center and Research," indicating that overweight patients have fewer chances to get out alive from intensive care.  He said that 42.2% of patients who are obese (BMI above 30) survive, compared to 56.4% of those whose weight is medium or light (BMI less than 25).

 And male sex seems to have a less optimistic factor: 55.4% of women pass the disease after leaving care, compared to 47.8% for men, according to data that included about 2,200 patients in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, who were admitted to intensive care.

 مرض- unknown disease-

 But why are more men than women among the serious cases?  "This is a remark. I don't have a clear explanation yet," expert Jean-Francois Delphresi replies, but he nevertheless put forward the hypothesis of an increased frequency of multiple diseases in men.

 "I am very humbled about the subject of this virus, I did not know anything about three and a half months ago. There are a lot of question marks," the expert, head of the scientific committee in charge of advising the French government on the epidemic, told France Info radio.

 A possible theory for explaining that there are more men with serious symptoms of Covid-19 epidemic in hospitals compared to women is that natural defenses are stronger in women against the virus.

 "This is a" well-known "situation in the field of viral diseases, explaining," Natural immunity in women is better, especially before menopause. "

 آثار- Effects of nicotine?

 The fastest explanation for the excess number of people who are obese is the increased incidence of diabetes and high blood pressure in this group.

 It is known that high blood pressure and diabetes are two factors that increase the risk in Covid-19 disease. This was confirmed in China, as in Italy, and there is also a factor of age, and with a lower percentage of cardiovascular diseases.

 This characteristic is not good news for the United States, where more than one out of every three adults suffers from obesity and where the emerging coronavirus causes more than 15,000 deaths.  "We have concerns about the situation of our American friends, who may face more problems due to obesity," Professor Delphresi said.

 In the face of this new disease, the doctor pointed to the results of contrary to expectations, saying, "There is a specific characteristic of tobacco. We have noticed that the overwhelming majority of patients in dangerous cases are not smokers, as if tobacco protects from this virus through nicotine."

 Thibaut Soumain, a doctor in resuscitation at the University Hospital in Besancon, eastern France, confirmed that among the injured being treated in the resuscitation department there were "non-smokers, or few smokers."

 But specialists in the treatment of addiction to smoking, underestimate this theory, given that a smoker who exhibits severe symptoms is more at risk due to poor lung and cardiovascular health.


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