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Anti-immunosuppressive treatment with Corona virus

There is no more effective treatment to address the Corona virus than strengthening immunity in general through foods and herbs that meet the purpose, because if the virus attacks the body and weakens its immunity, it is vulnerable to infection with other types of infection and other problems.

 Among the herbs and foods that strengthen the immune system:

 Citrus: The season of citrus in the winter comes precisely because of divine wisdom, which is that it is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and the tissues that line the respiratory system.

 Various bee products: honey to strengthen immunity, improve respiratory tract, and nutrient-rich pollen.

 And "propolis" gum bees, which has the ability to fight more than 300 types of viruses, bacteria and fungi, and this is what has been discovered so far, as well as royal jelly.

 If all bee products were mixed with black pimples, it would be an excellent mixture, and it is found on the market as well.

 Aquinas is known to strengthen immunity.

 The milker, chamomile, and thyme all have the ability to strengthen the respiratory system and airways.

 Raw garlic and raw onions: they eliminate more than 200 different types of pathogens, regardless of how they are taken.

 Haltite gum (Asafotida): a very powerful bacterial killer and effective in various diseases.

 Important advice to strengthen immunity

 Viruses generally look for bodies with weaker immunity, and consider them an easy target to cease, so it is necessary to avoid these practices in order to improve the body's resistance to infection with viruses:

 Avoid foods with acidic effects on the body, such as: processed foods, peeled grains, sweets and sugars in general. The acidic effect weakens the body's immune system.

 Low intake of plant foods rich in various antioxidants and vitamins.

 - Excessive exercise and movement, the more exercise and improved blood circulation and increased metabolism, the body activates; and then its immunity is strengthened.

 Smoking weakens the lungs and reduces resistance to various viral diseases.

 - Staying up late and not getting up early is depriving the body of the high cosmic energy it gets when early